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by Dr. Yossi KaplaviIsraeli leading implantologist

2018 - 2019 Tel aviv

A full 3-day course imparting detailed surgical and prosthetic skill and knowledge plus valuable insights obtained from 15 years of hands-on experience that cannot be found in any textbook.

It’s everything you need in order to incorporate the concept of ALL-on - 4/6 treatment into your own practice including surgical.

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About Dr. Yossi Kaplavi, DMD

About Dr. Yossi Kaplavi, DMD

We are proud to announce our international course in All-on- 4/6 treatments delivered by one of the pioneering implantologists in Israel

Dr. Yossi Kaplavi

His career spans 30 years of surgery and prosthodontics, 15 years of which have been dedicated solely to edentulous full arch implant rehabilitation with over 15,000 implants installed.

Dr. Yossi Kaplavi is one of the leading clinicians in Israel in the field of minimally invasive implant dentistry. He has pioneered the use of tilted implants with immediate function and implantation.

Since graduating from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1983, Dr. Kaplavi has pursued extensive postgraduate study in the field of implant dentistry, striving to provide truly exceptional implant solutions.

Dr. Kaplavi is a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI) and active member of the Israeli Association of Oral Implantology (IAOI), the European Association of Osseointegration (EAO) and the American Association of Osseointegration (AO).

Maintaining an active private practice in both surgical and prosthetic rehabilitation of dental implants in the Tel Aviv area, Dr. Kaplavi has amassed 30 years of experience in dental implantology. He is an expert in the field of tilted implants and minimally invasive approaches for the rehabilitation of patients with minimal bone volume.

Dr. Kaplavi also specializes in immediate loading and implantation in osteoporotic and diabetic patients. Dr. Kaplavi has presented his techniques of graftless implant rehabilitation (without need of sinus lifts or onlay grafts) at numerous international and national conferences on dental implants.

Dr. Kaplavi’s experience in the field of graftless rehabilitation includes more than 1000 cases with follow-ups of 1-15 years. His practice includes numerous complicated and severe cases. Due to his professional experience and high success rate, he receives referrals from colleagues both locally and abroad. Dr. Kaplavi continues to teach and share his experience with local dentists and surgeons in Israel and serves as a consultant to leading implant producers in Israel.

Course Description

Course Description

A 3-Days intensive Course Presented
by Dr. Yossi Kaplavi

Learn the indications of and prosthodontic, surgical and laboratory protocols and procedures for graftless, full-arch immediate-load rehabilitation.

This course is targeted to dentists and specialists with intermediate- to advanced-level experience in implant dentistry who seek to enhance their knowledge and skill of surgical and prosthetic practices in immediate implantation and function.

This course is designed for clinicians interested in providing graftless solutions for full-arch immediate-load prosthesis for edentulous patients and those with terminal dentition.

The course focuses on: diagnosis and treatment planning, prosthodontic, surgical and laboratory protocols and procedures for fabrication and delivery of All-on- 4/6 full-arch immediate-load provisional and final aesthetic porcelain prostheses.

Video surgery presentations, live surgery, observation of prosthetic and laboratory procedures, treatment-planning sessions, and hands-on surgical and prosthetic exercises on simulated anatomic models reinforce information gained in didactic and clinical presentations.

Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to:

Upon completion of the course
  • 01.


    Understand the principles , scientific basis, and biomechanical concepts, benefits and risk factors entailed in full-arch immediate-load implant prosthesis.

  • 02.


    Compare and contrast treatment times, benefits, risks and success rates of conventional approaches to full-arch implant prosthesis with graftless All-on- 4/6 solutions for full-arch immediate-load implant prostheses.

  • 03.


    Clearly understand the indications, case selection criteria and restorative requirements for highly aesthetic porcelain All-on- 4/6 prostheses and removable prostheses retained by bar.

  • 04.


    Perform pre-treatment clinical and radiographic patient evaluations and identify both clinical factors for treatment success and risk factors for complications with an All-on- 4/6 full-arch immediate-load prosthesis.

  • 05.


    Gain a detailed understanding of and all the skill required for the surgical, prosthetic and laboratory principles, protocols and procedures of successful delivery of All-on- 4/6 full-arch immediate-load provisional prosthesis, CAD/CAM guided surgery , CAD/CAM bar and the various definitive prosthesis options for edentulous patients and those with terminal dentition.

  • 06.


    Perform an All-on- 4/6 consultation and case presentation that leads to increased patient acceptance.

  • 07.


    Identify and treat common complications that can occur with an All-on- 4/6 prosthesis.

  • 08.


    Avoid and minimize complications and know how to treat those that do arise by adhering to specific surgical and prosthetic protocols , close communication with prosthodontist, surgeon and laboratory technician, and adherence to recommended follow-up schedules and maintenance procedures.

Day 4

one-day tour of Jerusalem (optional and included in the course fee)

Discover the ancient city of Jerusalem in a full-day tour of the Mount of Olives, Jewish and Christian Quarters, the Cardo and more, and Continue along the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

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